Our Services


Medical Services

Our embedded medical teams are there for your health and safety. Each of our staff is highly skilled in their respective field and able to provide the necessary support when it matters most. Our team Includes Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Advanced Care Paramedics, Primary Care Paramedics, Emergency Medical Responders, and, First Aid. All personnel maintain provincial and state licensing and adherence to appropriate medical protocols and work under internal medical direction as required.

Safety in Focus

Our production safety teams include health and safety coordinators who ensure set safety meets all appropriate health, safety and environmental standards. Coordinators can support with on set training and educations, hazard assessments, toolbox meetings, and act as liaisons with construction, stunt, transportation, special effects, and rigging teams.

Pandemic Response

Our pandemic response teams support the safe return to on-set production in the television and film industry. By remaining current with global, national and regional protocols, including the World Health Organization and the Centres for Disease Control, we are able to minimize production shutdowns by ensuring regulatory compliance.
Team members are well versed in Infectious disease control and epidemiology and can provide Pre-Access Screening, Fever Monitoring, Physical Distancing, PPE and support from trained medical personnel.

Health Services & Supplies

Let us help you ensure your facilities are properly stocked, cleaned and staffed. We have access to industry standard PPE and cleaning equipment and personnel to meet all your set and facility needs.